An experienced team of wine and spirits specialists, operating in the global retail and hospitality space.



Slowgold is a South African drinks specialist that sources, consolidates and ships for the international retail space. We have combined almost half a century of industry experience to create a platform that guides the global industry towards the very best wines and spirits the Cape has to offer.

A curious global audience is beginning to sit up and take notice of South Africa’s bounty and demand for her wine and spirits is at an all time high. Blessed with an incredible diversity of cultures and landscapes, sunshine, cuisine and general good vibes, the winelands and indeed South Africa as a whole, has a tangible quality that makes her product and her people very attractive to foreign markets.

The greatest leap forward that any premium producer can make, therefore, is fully embracing wine as a gastronomic product. 94% of wine is consumed with food at the table.

– The Wine Paper (Vol 67), May 2022



Partnering with Slowgold gives you full access to our team of Alchemists who possess over 45 years of combined experience as sommeliers, winemakers, sales managers and logistics personnel, across both local and international markets. We bring with us a passion for collaboration, consolidation, education and logistics; a combination of strengths that are a benefit to wine portfolios everywhere.

With strong connections on most continents and in many different spaces, our biggest challenge has been deciding where to start. There will naturally be queries and ad hoc projects across the board, but for our best chance at successful, long lasting partnerships, we will be focussing on the US, the UK, Europe and Africa and the premium supermarket chains, resort and safari lodge groups and the tender business across those markets

We deliver the full value of guiding you in developing a South African portfolio of products tailored to your specific needs. Once sourced and selected, we will get the products to you and finally equip you and your staff with the knowledge and training required to promote them. As the relationship develops and the standard stock control challenges emerge, we will maintain a direct link to the producer on your behalf.

Who We


A Kenyan, an Afrikaner, and two Eastern Cape lads walk into a wine bar…

Jokes aside, the Slowgold team consists of four good friends and business folk from 3 corners of southern Africa, each of whom cut their teeth in the rough and tumble of the South African wine industry. With their combined expertise and passion, the Slowgold team have created an enterprise to consolidate and redistribute great South African wine, beer, cider and spirits globally.

Slowgold additionally educates global hospitality markets in these products, by way of stories dripping with southern sunshine and set amongst ancient mountain vistas and around timeless thornwood fires.

The Slowgold


Spencer Fondaumiere

Spencer is an ASI diploma sommelier, chair of the South African Sommeliers Association, and a sought after wine judge. He has vast experience in the sale and marketing of fine wines as well as the logistics and export admin involved in getting these fine wines around the world.

Ian Booth

A lifelong fan of the wild Eastern Cape, Ian emigrated back to South Africa’s Sunshine Coast in 2019, after a 17 year stint in England. During that time, he worked in international markets, building a portfolio of companies and real estate holdings in Dorset and Hampshire. Ian has an uncanny ability with numbers.

Grant Baxter

Grant has spent the better part of the last 20 years bouncing about the wine industry. He has tended vineyards, managed cellar teams and trained hospitality staff from Cape Town to Colombo, but his passion lies in finding new channels for South African wine and spirits and the nurturing of those new markets.

Lize-Marié Nieman

LM has 16 years of specialist experience in the global wine industry; creating, developing and promoting brands across a broad spectrum of South African producers. Despite her small stature and recent motherhood, LM continues to globe trot and network, while sourcing wines and spirits for key markets worldwide.